Monthly Legal Support Packages

These Monthly Legal Support Packages are designed to provide proactive legal advice to clients so they can properly address any emerging legal issues before they become problematic. The monthly costs for these packages are much lower than the Standard Hourly Rates to allow clients who are just starting out access to an experienced startup lawyer who can help navigate them through unnecessary and often costly mistakes.

Clients who sign up to a Monthly Legal Support Package get 50% off my Standard Hourly Rates (currently $700/hr) and can do scheduled monthly check-ins through Phone, Email or Video Conference. You will have access to my calendar to schedule a check-in consultation during weekdays and will also get periodic premium content on important legal topics directly relevant to your day-to-day business.

You can change your package or cancel anytime.

One-off Paid Consultations

If you only need a one-off consultation, you can schedule it here. Paid consultation and representation by me are subject to a conflict check against my existing clients. Scheduling or paying upfront for a paid consultation does not develop any attorney/client relationship between us.  

Schedule your consultation by clicking on the “Schedule a Consultation” button on your screen or click on the calendar icon to go to the scheduling page (opens a new tab).

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a Consultation