A merger or acquisition can be a complex process that requires specific legal and business experience. Whether you’re the purchasing or selling party, I can assist with all stages of the transaction.


If your company is considering or moving forward with an acquisition, I can:

  • Assist with domestic and cross-border business purchase and sale transactions, including pre-contractual confidentiality agreements, term sheets, heads of terms, and letters of intent
  • Advise on the right acquisition structure (i.e. asset vs. stock purchase)
  • Handle legal due diligence on your behalf (if you are the purchaser) or respond to due diligence requests (if you are the seller)
  • Develop a due diligence report for the purchaser, if requested

I can also assist in drafting the definitive transaction documents such as asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreement, financing documents, corporate resolutions and escrow account agreements. In particular, I have extensive experience handling mergers and acquisitions in the technology industry.


Mergers and Acquisitions

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