Global commerce provides tremendous opportunities for businesses and investors. However, crossing borders and entering new cultures also open up a whole new world of complex legal issues. With a combination of legal knowledge and hands-on experience, I provide strategic counseling on international expansion, acquisition, and investment.

My business experience is diverse and expansive, from working for a public interest group in Washington, D.C. to advising an international petroleum company on exploration contracts in Africa to assisting an international fund manager in establishing an Islamic property fund. I also speak multiple foreign languages, including Urdu (fluent), Punjabi (fluent), and Arabic (intermediate).

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

Gulf Cooperation Council

If your organization is planning to expand to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), I offer unique cross-border skills and contacts to cement strong and effective strategic partnerships and joint ventures, or hassle-free agency and distribution relationships.

Business Immigration

Business Immigration

U.S. immigration law is ever changing. For entrepreneurs or investors looking to visit or move to the the United States, I offer specialized business immigration legal guidance.

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