I am a startup lawyer with extensive experience advising startups, early-stage companies and their founders on corporate, commercial, financing, IP and employment law matters. I see my law practice as a journey together with the founder- gaining insight, building valuable ventures and doing great work together. Although, my method is technical, my facility with languages, commercial and legal background, and insight into diverse cultures empowers me to ensure my clients thrive within their own milieu as I help pilot them through the challenges impacting their ventures.

I began my career not as a startup lawyer but as a working journalist for American print and television firms (AP, Reuters, CNN). Those experiences taught me to be a careful listener and critical thinker. Reporting requires understanding and I believe the great lesson the practice of journalism teaches is the ability to listen, hear all points of view, and use that knowledge to make critical judgments about key issues and events.

Ultimately, it was my curiosity and desire to impact events, rather than report on them, that led me to pursue a legal career and become a startup lawyer. Along the way, I’ve learned that as a startup lawyer ambition must be tempered with the ability to listen and exercise judgment; that information and knowledge must serve understanding. These are qualities I embrace and qualities that help me serve my clients as their trusted counsel.

I started my legal career with the global law firm Dentons and then moved in-house as Head of Legal of an investment bank before starting my own practice. My firm is a member of Denton’s Nextlaw Global Referral Network. As a member, we are connected to over 400 member firms and 21,000 lawyers across 170+ countries. This allows us to identify the right lawyer for any matter by geography, practice and sector according to your needs.

I work with many US and foreign founders with great ideas for new ventures. To that extent, I have partnered with LegalZoom, RocketLawyer, UpCounsel and other platforms that cater to aspiring enterpreneurs and small business owners. 

Contact Information

Tel +1 716 235 1825

Email umar@farooqco.com

Umar Farooq - Attorney At Law


University of Buffalo Law School
2007, JD, cum laude

Georgia State University
2002, BA, cum laude