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Being in business is both a volatile situation and one that is at times, unpredictable. While the simple part is planning and forecasting, the more difficult area will be dealing with unexpected situations. There are times where one business will merge with another in order to stimulate growth within an industry, gaining competitive advantages over other competitors or increasing market share. There is a complex procedure that must be followed in order for the transition to be a smooth one. This is especially true where the acquisition of assets is involved. A Mergers and Acquisitions attorney will be required to successfully and seamlessly implement the necessary changes, as well as fulfill the legal obligations that will become a factor in a process such as this one.

Selling off part of your business, or purchasing part of another company is a huge undertaking. It is a decision that is fraught with intricacies that could cause issues in the future. A business decision such as this one must be handled by professionals who have the experience to competently and successfully get the business completed. 

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A Mergers and Acquisitions attorney is professionally trained to handle instances where companies merge to become one. They have a vast understanding of the intricacies involved in such transactions on both a legal and financial level. Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers are in a position to provide sound advice on negotiating contracts of sale for part of a business. Your Mergers and Acquisitions law firm is adept with the legal jargon involved in the required contracts and are able to effectively draft these up for you. They will offer detailed explanations to enable you to understand exactly what is stipulated and the course that will be followed in the process.

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Farooq and Company offers diverse services within the mergers and acquisitions scenario. There are times that a business may be interested in either selling part of their business, or purchasing part of another business that lies across country borders. Whether your transaction is domestic or cross-border, our service remains efficient and effective. They provide letters of intent, pre-contractual confidentiality agreements, and documents relating to the terms of the sale. 

Farooq and Company provide advice on whether an asset or stock purchase is suitable for your current situation. The acquisition structure is a part of the process that is vital.

There are numerous situations that may arise during the process with which Farooq and Company will prove invaluable. Correspondence with regards to due diligence and the formulation of due diligence reports which may be requested by a purchaser are all part of the services on offer.

The list of services is extensive and also include escrow account agreements, stock purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements and corporate resolutions. If there is correspondence that is required, the team is fully prepared and more than competent to achieve the results you require.

Farooq and Company specialize in and have vast experience in the area of mergers and acquisitions within the technology industry, however, they are competent in all areas.

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Is your business ready to take the next step towards purchasing another business, or perhaps selling off part of yours? With the help of a Mergers and Acquisitions lawyer like Farooq and Company, the process can be streamlined, efficient and successful. 

Such a transaction is riddled with legal requirements that the legal team at Farooq and Company are properly trained to fully understand and grasp. They have a deep understanding of the processes and the requirements which will make your journey through a merger or acquisition as stress free as possible.

Farooq and Company are readily available to tend to your requirements. We offer all our clients our best attention at all times. Experience and expertise define Farooq and Company. If you are ready to make that business decision, call the professionals in the field today. The team is ready to assist you in completing your business sale or purchase with all the legal bases covered. We ensure that you are protected. Call now on (716) 235-1825 or send an email on There is no other Mergers and Acquisitions attorney that you should consider.

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