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Umar Farooq Esq. P.C. is a law firm experienced in counseling key executive players on all matters pertaining to their compensation, remuneration, offers, termination and employment agreements. On the other end of the spectrum we also advise companies on how to act upon the best-practices governing any and all employment matters. Our employment and executive compensation clients range from high-level employees and employers across a variety of industries such as finance, media, advertising, fashion, technology and more. Our long experience in employment law enables us to give you guidance and insight on a broad range of workers compensation issues. The law firm of Umar Farooq Esq. P.C. is in a prime position to evaluate and recommend bonuses, competitive salaries, stock options, equity schemes, severance and other packages based on fair terms for all parties involved. We help our clientele negotiate titles, duties, and reporting obligations in order to successfully secure terms that are in their favor. In addition, we help clients analyze and negotiate enforceability on restrictive covenants as well as non-compete clauses.

Pragmatic Advice To Negotiate Winning Compensation Strategies

As employment law attorneys in Williamsville and beyond we argue and negotiate on matters relevant to deferred compensation agreements, compensation plans, severance, commision sales agreements, stock options, non-compete agreements and more. We have an excellent track record of representing both companies and executives from chief financial officers and CEOs, to presidents, VPs all the way to executive directors when it comes to negotiating fair remuneration for their services.

We are very proud of our unparalleled ability to turn seemingly complicated rules like 280G, 162(m) , SEC requirements, and 409As into layman terms on behalf of our clients. That’s the reason why both companies and executives alike depend on our firm’s advice to help them stay ahead of the curve and come out winning in the human resources arena. We go above and beyond for each and every one of our clients by closely working with them to understand their needs, and provide practical advice. If you have been searching for the best employment attorney “near me”, you can rest assured knowing that our employment law attorneys have nationally recognized expertise in all matters pertaining to this area of the Law.

We Help Defend Lucrative Careers With Sound Legal Strategies

If you have been hired as a salesperson or if you hold an executive position at a medium sized or large organization, Umar Farooq is here to help regardless of the industry. We are well versed in all legal matters pertaining to healthcare, technology, finance, energy, manufacturing as well as other industries and we offer reliable, proven representation regarding your fair and deserved employment rights. If you want to learn more about our employment law legal services or to schedule a consultation to discuss matters in complete confidence with an employment lawyer contact us today.

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Worker’s compensation attorney for employer issues can get complicated. As an executive in New York state, you have devoted your whole life in order to get better at your respective field and climb up the corporate ladder. It makes sense to seek the best employment law attorney in order to make sure you get what you deserve in terms of privileges and compensation. We work directly with our clients and partners in order to craft and implement effective compensation strategies, incentives, agreements and benefit plans. 

The executive compensation lawyers of Umar Farooq Esq. P.C. have been providing clients with top-tier executive representation and guidance for many years in a row. What sets us apart from other firms is our high-quality and personalized level of service, and we always want to make sure that every client’s rights are preserved by exploring and exhausting all opportunities that may be available depending on the case. We are here to help defend executives against business-related allegations, mediate favorable employment agreements and argue in court for what is rightly owed if certain contractual terms of contracts are being breached. Umar Farooq is eager to discuss any and all of your concerns free of charge. We provide our clientele with the information that’s accurate and needed in order to enable proper decision making about executive and employment law cases. Our counsel is inextricably connected with sound strategies tailored to your individual circumstances. Contact us today at (716) 235 1825 to schedule a consultation.

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