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Umar Farooq Esq. P.C. is a law firm based in Williamsville that helps entrepreneurs, businesses and other professionals with a great variety of business planning and business formation issues. One of the most critical elements when starting up a business is choosing the appropriate legal entity and structure. I represent and counsel companies of all shapes and sizes, and I have been helping my clients successfully navigate the plethora of issues surrounding a startup endeavor or an SME business. If you do not have a trustworthy business formation attorney by your side, it’s guaranteed that you will have to face expensive issues down the road, like for example ownership or partnership lawsuits, contract disputes, non-competition disputes as well as potentially other damages or disputes on agreements of different nature. The legal minefield is vast, and fraught with the tiniest of details. With the help of a trusted attorney you can make a tangible difference when it comes to your business profitability and success.

What Is A Business Formation Lawyer

If you are about to start a new business, or if you’re trying to expand your current commercial activities with the formation of a new entity, you want a skilled, experienced and above all knowledgeable lawyer to help you choose the most appropriate legal structure for your future. Umar Farooq Esq. P.C. can carefully review your business targets and recommend the best course of action in order for you to protect your interests at every turn. My legal practice is prepared to meet and exceed the needs of all businesses in Williamsville, Buffalo throughout the entirety of the beautiful New York State and beyond. I know first hand that a sound legal foundation is a much needed backbone for the success of any entrepreneurial venture. Choosing the right corporate entity is guaranteed to set you up for success, while protecting all parties involved against collateral damage. Difficulties tend to appear out of nowhere and it is always best to be prepared in advance with the right representation by your side.

Business Formation Services For US Clients

It feels great to be able to rely on the professional experience and expertise of a lawyer who has your best interests at heart. I have been helping aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners turn plans into action and opportunity. The reason behind my success in this field is the relentless passion for my client’s livelihoods and I do this by cultivating on-going relationships based on trust, regardless of your budget. If you’ve been looking far and wide, Googling for the best business formation lawyer “near me”, I can assure you that you don’t have to look any further. I possess the necessary knowledge and resources to take care of even the most complex legal cases related to corporate formation, financing, liability issues, and taxation. My experience with business formation matters can help you in the pursuit of any of the following types of corporations, each with its own distinct characteristics:

  •  LLC - Limited liability companies
  •  Partnerships
  •  Sole proprietorships
  • M&As - Merger and acquisitions
  • Joint ventures
  •  Succession
  •  FLP - Family limited partnerships
  • LP - Limited partnerships
  • C corporations
  • S corporations
  • PC - Professional corporations
  • LLP - Limited liability partnerships

About Our Services 

The moment you give me all the details about your business, I will help you select the right type of entity that allows for tax-conscious maneuverability and benefits. All your business formation issues would then belong to the past. The actual formation of the entity would begin in no time, and we would take into account all the necessary aspects of incorporation, including but not limited to drafting the right documents pertaining to your new business. Some of these are your bylaws, your articles of incorporation, as well as your operating, employment and shareholder agreements and policies that would govern your operations.

With our legal firm by your side you can expect an all-inclusive service. From entity selection all the way to drafting and reviewing the documents and last but not least a successful filing with the secretary of state. If you want to restructure or dissolve a business we can take care of that too. If you are interested in learning how Umar Farooq Esq. P.C. can help you reach your business incorporation goals contact us today at (716) 235 1825 to arrange a consultation. My team and I possess a wide base of legal knowledge, but above all we are committed to impeccable, personal client service that satisfies the needs of each and everyone of our diverse clients across several verticals.

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